Student‘s start-up Support system

Start-up Leave of absence

Start-up Leave of absence

  • To accelerate Start-up for UNIST Students, UNIST allows the Start-up Leave of absence(Max 2years) to students who meet the requirement.
  • Start-up Leave of absence is not included in the Academic Leave of Absence, Thus, Students can do entrepreneurial activities max 4years.
    (Academic Leave of Absence 2years + Start-up Leave of absence 2years)

Application Process

  • Fill out request form

    Submit Start-up Leave of Absence form and other related documents to BIC.
  • BIC evaluation

    BIC Evaluates the qualification and required documents for Start-up Leave of absence. (Screening Documents, Evaluation of Presentation, Site visit)
  • Inform result of Start-up Leave of Absence

    After BIC evaluation, UNIST allows Start-up Leave of Absence to a student.
  • Submit final report

    Submit final report on entrepreneurial activities after finishing Start-up Leave of Absence

Qualification and Required documents

Qualification and Required documents
Entrepreneur Pre-Entrepreneur
  1. 1.Entrepreneurs who have business licence before submission of entrepreneurship leave
    • The submitter should be designated as a leader (co-leader includeed)
  1. 1.Pre-entrepreneurs belonging to Business Incubation Center
  2. 2.Those who are conducting startup activities, which are supported by SMBA, KSEPA, and etc.
Documents Common
  • Request for Academic Leave of Absence
  • Business plan & Professor’s opinion letter
  1. 1.Business License
  1. 1.BIC applicationf form, copy of contract
  2. 2.Certificate of participation in startup activities supported by SMBA, KSEPA, and etc
    (business plan included)


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