UNIST Industrial Affiliate Program

UNIST Industrial Affiliate Program tries to strengthen technological competitiveness of local industry and promote technology commercialization through the maximum use of UNIST`s human resources, intellectual property and cutting edge research facilities.
  • Foster international companies through technological innovation
  • Create new growth engines with future-oriented R&D
  • Promote technology transfer and commercialization with UNIST research results
  • Establish customized cooperation networks based on industrial needs
  • Actively participate in university-industry cooperation projects
UNIST Industrial Affiliate Program Application process
  • Submit application from
  • Screening and selection
  • Approved by
    Dean of OUIR
  • Make an agreement
  • Being a UNIST Family
  • Based on UIAP, we will complete the virtuous circle of technological innovation which is beneficial for both university and industry. Moreover, we will lead mutual development of local industry.

Benefits for UNIST Industrial Affiliate Program
  • Discount for using UCRF equipment and analysis request
  • Technology consulting services
  • Offer information about patents, research equipment and staff
  • etc
Apply for UNIST Industrial Affiliate Program
Apply via on-lineApply for UIAP
Name Contact
Jinyoung Ryu (Industry Engagement Team) 052)217-1585