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The Industry Engagement Team

The Industry Engagement Team supports and promotes cooperation between government, industry, and the university with cutting edge research equipment and the best research manpower which contributes to the development of national/regional industry and the economy. In addition to that, we has been doing our utmost to strengthen the network among local enterprises through operating UNIST Innovation Center and UNIST Industrial Affiliate Program.


Name Task E-Mail Phone No.
Soongrok Oh
(Senior Manager)
General Management for Industry Engagement Team super@unist.ac.kr 052-217-1581
Minwon Seo Manage UNIST Innovation Center, Global University-Industry cooperation project and UNIST Innovation Center and Ulsan Industry-University Convergence Campus Project. mwseo@unist.ac.kr 052-217-1582
Jinyoung Ryu Manage UNIST Industrial Affiliate Program and re-education programs for worker ryuwin79@unist.ac.kr 052-217-1585
Kyouoak Lee Manage University-Industry cooperation related events, Cooperate with relevant R&D agencies and industry kate97727@unist.ac.kr 052-217-1583
Suhyun Kim Ulsan Industry-University Convergence Campus Project funding execution tngus324@unist.ac.kr 052-217-1584