Purpose and History


UNIST Office of University Industry Relations has been founded to contribute to community and national development through promoting industrial education and industry-university collaboration, training the manpower needed in an industrial society, and diffusing new knowledge and scientific technique necessary for industrial development.

Main Tasks
  • 1Plan for university-industry cooperation projects
  • 2Manage UNIST Innovation center
  • 3Manage UNIST Industrial Affiliate Program
  • 4Manage intellectual property rights
  • 5Plan and execute technology transfer and commercialization
  • 6Technology consulting services
  • 7Support for start-ups

  • 2015.12.31
    Dissolution of the independent corporation of the OUIR/The incorporation of the OUIR to UNIST foundation
  • 2015.11.11
    5th Dean of OUIR appointed
    (Prof. Sung Chul Bae)
  • 2015.09.28
    4th Dean of OUIR appointed
    (Prof. Sang Young Lee, also Dean of Office of research affairs)
    Relaunch of UNIST, as a government-funded research institute for science and technology
  • 2014.03.01
    3rd Dean of OUIR appointed
    (Prof. Moo Young Jung, also Vice President of UNIST)
  • 2012.02.24
    2nd Dean of OUIR appointed
    (Prof. Pann-Ghill Suh, also Vice President of UNIST)
  • 2008.11.20
    UNIST Office of Industry Relations corporation registered.
  • 2008.11.18
    1st Dean of OUIR appointed
    (Prof. Moo Young Jung, also Vice President of UNIST)
  • 2008.11.05
    Articles of Association announced.