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About the SST

Startup Support Team

Startup Support Team provides start-up space for start-up teams/start-ups run by UNIST faculty/student who have technical skills and business difficulties in securing funds, workplaces and facilities. It is established to promote start-ups and increase the success rate of start-ups by reducing the risk of start-ups and inducing smooth growth through commercialization support such as management, tax, and technical guidance.

Start-up Support System – Startup Support Team

  1. Startup talent admission
  2. UNICom Project
  3. Boot Camp
  4. IR / Demo day
  5. Training from experts
  1. Offices & Labs
  2. Dormitory
  3. Startup leave of absence
  4. Mentoring with global Mento/experts
  5. Patent application support
Global Programs
  1. UC Berkeley

    Global Innovation Campus Program

  2. UC SanDiego

    Global Mentoring Program

  3. University of Basel

    Global Mentoring Program

Experts & Spaces
  1. Industry-academic cooperation-focused faculty
  2. Offices & Labs for startups
  3. Investments @ UNIST

    SunboAngel Partners

    LightHouse Investment

    UNIST Mirae Holdings


Details of Support – Startup Support Team

Technology Marketing, Mentor Coach, Investment Runding, IP Legal, Community Connection
UNIST Startup Support Team is responsible for supporting early start-ups or prospective start-ups with superior skills to become a competitive technology-intensive company by linking various infrastructure of the university.


Name Task E-Mail Phone No.
Choi Yongjoon
(Team Leader)
Managing the team yjchoi94@unist.ac.kr 052-217-1371
Kim Changhwan Space management, Countpart to requests matrab@unist.ac.kr 052-217-1372
Kim Yongjin Regulations porsche911@unist.ac.kr 052-217-1382
Lee Minji Faculty startup support, Mentoring mjlee@unist.ac.kr 052-217-1383
Lee Dajeong Faculty & Student startup support unist11@unist.ac.kr 052-217-1374
Park Sojeong (Pre)startup support, Global startup sjsjp@unist.ac.kr 052-217-1376